The Abolition of British Slavery – Interactive Map

The BBC have quite good resources, and I remember using their website when I was in school.

How do I update this? How do I develop this?

I need to answer this in my project. What I do know is that my audience don’t expect to be patronised, and are quite sophisticated when it comes to their visual media preferences. When you consider the video games, websites, and mobile technology that they are accustomed to, you can see that 11-16 year olds are quite advanced, and are more complex in their thinking than they are credited. I remember when I was in school thinking I knew more than the teachers, and feeling patronised by them, so I have no doubt that school kids can be strong-minded and capable of forming their own opinions.





I’ve begun using Photoshop to experiment with a few ideas that I had. This image was inspired by some of Joy Gregory’s work, where different hairstyles were classified by continents. I could develop this idea further with mapping geographically different hair types.

More in line with some of my ideas, I could reflect the diversity of black people in various geographical locations. Taking Britain, I would aim to reflect the notion of competition identities. Here, I took a basic idea of using Afro and Africa as global symbols of blackness.