The Abolition of British Slavery – Interactive Map

The BBC have quite good resources, and I remember using their website when I was in school.

How do I update this? How do I develop this?

I need to answer this in my project. What I do know is that my audience don’t expect to be patronised, and are quite sophisticated when it comes to their visual media preferences. When you consider the video games, websites, and mobile technology that they are accustomed to, you can see that 11-16 year olds are quite advanced, and are more complex in their thinking than they are credited. I remember when I was in school thinking I knew more than the teachers, and feeling patronised by them, so I have no doubt that school kids can be strong-minded and capable of forming their own opinions.


Hate Map

The ‘Hate Map’ is quite interesting for me as it provides a way of looking a particular issue geographically. Whilst it is an interactive experience that isn’t necessarily artistic or revolutionary, it is very familiar making it easy to access and more functional because of that.

The website seems quite objective in its mapping of hate groups; What stood out to me was an inclusion of both white and black fundamentalist and separatist groups. I should consider very carefully what, and who I am talking about in my work, and the way I am talking about certain things. I need to recognise my own bias and how that could limit the work.

Perhaps, I could use my bias explicitly to document experience of race. The website could provide a particular insight that might be useful, and whilst it would be about me, I could make the website more inclusive in the type interactive content.