I’m going back to school with my project. I remember how I used to challenge what I was being taught, and present what I felt more appropriate. It reflects a call from the conversation with my brother, for accounts of history that can be made relevant to where he is today. I am also considering the need to rewrite histories into a global narrative, a World History. Slavery is a human condition, not only African, and within the Atlantic Slave Trade, more than just African’s were exploited. Slavery is also prevalent in modern-day trafficking which I’m sure has a history also.

I want to create an online educational resource, not just for black history month, but for 11-16 year olds to understand, using visual language and an internet culture that they’d understand. I am aiming at this point to communicate the histories of slaveries, intending to work at one level of revised world histories, and also making history more visual and accessible for students.


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