History in School

Following on from my discussion in the reading group over Black History in school, I am reflecting on my experience. History in general was so booooooooring in school! I cannot put it down enough. I remember the grey books we hard, and the grey tables, and the grey classrooms, and I know some people enjoyed it but most people couldn’t wait to drop it as GCSE. Why was it so boring?

This is something I want to look in further, and why I can’t remember anything they taught me there, but remember vididly the Tudors, Romans, and Ancient Egyptians from my Primary School over 10 years ago.

Me and my friend, Dave ‘Alando’ Barnet took it upon ourselves to produce our own annual drama and dance production during black history month to teach black history. This was well attended, and we managed to produce multiple accounts of histories from multiple perspectives. I have no doubt that a new approach to history in schools was needed then, and probably still needed now.


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