Geography = Good

I also found from my research why Geography for the non-history lover is more preferable:

  • Fact
  • See what is happening around you now
  • Children
  • Population
  • Economy
  • Climates
  • Rivers
  • What will it be in the future
  • Tangible
  • Statistics
  • Universal, refers to the world
  • No opinion, no bias
  • Visualise it

Adapting my interest in geography and maps, space and place, and belonging, I want to bear in mind the points above, applying them to history. I’ve highlighted a few points that I think I need to deal with in the early stages of development.

What stands out to me was a quick comment from my brother about his Geography classes, that he gets to see the world around him and children. It seems logical that he would want to be able to relate with others around him, around the world, and that these themes would be of more interest to him. Immediately I think that children and young adults should be a focus in my work, in relation to global slavery.

It is something I have never consider in much depth and welcome any advice on where I can find more information.


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