The Approach Question?

I have thought of three approaches that I could explore:

  1. My experience: Create a work to reflect my own ideas.
  2. Research: Carry out interviews, surveys, etc. And present findings.
  3. Theory: Illustrate theories visually.

More detail:

  1. I feel that creating a work that reflects only my ideas is very limiting. I also want this work to be online, and think a stand-alone website just reflecting my views isn’t the right context. What perhaps would be more useful would be to record and illustrate my observations however not in a polemical way. I am trying to highlight the fact that hair and race is something that everyone can have an opinion of, therefore, shouldn’t limit it to just my perspective.
  2. The research approach would give the project a broader scope, but each mother that I take to actively conduct my research will have its own drawbacks. I am worried about setting out with a hypothesis and having it disproved. However, that could make for an interesting project. I need to think in more detail about various research methods and which would be appropriate for the topic.
  3. Illustrating theory seems like a safe option, so maybe I shouldn’t aim for this right now. I would be using interactive imagery of hair to try to illustrate various cultural theories surrounding racial identity, in attempt to create a visual essay. I am not sure however, if this could be a major project, and perhaps the active research approach could be applied to strengthen the visual essay idea. The project could become a document based upon a theory that I have tried and tested. If I am concerned with proposing my own hypothesis, perhaps I could use someone elses. This would be both interesting for my own exploration and for a more ambitious project.

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