WAC Interactive Art Activity

This art activity is the first in a series of informative and fun interactive explorations of works in the Walker’s permanent collection. Click above to go to an activity inspired by Lorna Simpson’s Wigs, a work that investigates issues of identity. A link to further information about Wigs can be found to the left.


This online project illustrates some of Lorna Simpson’s ideas interactively and gives me ideas for my own work. I would be interested in doing something like this, and definitely embraced ideas of interactivity more than participation culture.

For the past decade, Lorna Simpson’s work has explored the role of hair as a marker of social identity. The 21 lithographic images in Wigs provide a taxonomy of hairstyles signifying gender, age, and race. The felt surfaces on which these images are printed present all of the hairstyles in the same texture, emphasizing and skewing our fixation on hair texture as markers of difference. By reminding us that wigs are hair that is unattached to a body, Simpson exposes hairstyle as an alterable or removable embellishment that may distort our understanding of what is natural or desirable in the human body.



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