The Polemical Question?

I feel that on top of my ideas being quite immature, they are very polemical and quite naive responses. I think the issue is that I’m looking backwards, or missing the point when dealing with the issues that I want to talk about. I’m thinking up of ideas that are nothing more than passing thoughts, instead of taking my inspiration from actual experience in the ‘now’.

My original research objective was to answer why I couldn’t articulate racism and I think I am already beginning to answer that; Racism as just plain old racism is quite abstract, and when I mention it, it is normally an emotional response. That is to say that I am not using the term analytically in any way, or referring to a particular concept.

I think if I continue with the racism question, I will have to be more specific and focused. I also have concerns about simply presenting racism in an explicit way. This actually seems quite boring so I want to both analyse and subvert my concepts in my work. However, at the same time, I don’t want my ideas to be lost, not understood, or misinterpreted. So finding a balance will be essential.


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