I had a quick read through this website:

It has a lot of information that I could refer back to after but a few things were sparked in my mind.

  • Is the virtual space post-racial? Race as a social classification, is typically related to physical markers. Where these aren’t present online, does it reveal the possibility of a post-racial space?

I have heard a few times in the past months the term ‘post-racial’. I am yet to fully understand this, but can understand that it regards the significant changes that have been made in the way certain societies view (in particular) black people. But I question what a post-racial society looks like?

I immediately reject claims of post-racial, in the sense that I feel it is yet to realised as my experiences of racism prove. But I can accept that perhaps we are in a moment where this idea could be thought about and worked towards. But I feel that the concept of post-racial should be concerned with culturally specific study concerned with typically European concepts of race, and that the post-racial is actually post-classical-European concepts of race and humanity. In other words, post-racial should be a challenge to historical tradition typically rooted in colonialism, and work towards an understanding of people in the contemporary.

I want to work within the context of contemporary. I feel that our understandings of race are very much effected by a particular time period. I need to reflect this in my work.


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