Post-Racial Cyber Space

Does cyberspace present a potential for the post-racial?

I don’t think the concept of ‘post-racial’ should be taken so literally to mean and end to racial classification, thus racism. I’m currently exploring in my dissertation if such a break from history is possible by simply denouncing it, or rather new systems of learning and understanding provide new possibilities for our future understanding, particularly surrounding race.

Cyberspace, in its metaphysical existence doesn’t then mean a break from society, its history, and thus an ideological change in the simple sense. Cyberspace doesn’t provide a new world, but rather a perverse and altered version of the existing physical and social world. This means for my studies that racism online isn’t necessarily the same as racism in the physical world either. I want to explore further how discrimination online is actually based on qualities that are metaphysical. I guess I am trying to look at racism an its functioning objectively, and analyse its methods in a space that I exist both outside of and within.
This could probably be articulated more clearly, and I hope to that visually with this project. The bottom line is that cyberspace potentially provides a space that enables us to examine and understands identities that aren’t 100% the same as what we understand them to be in the physical world. If this is possible then concepts of post-racial as a post-classical-European condition could then too be realised.


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