João Martinho Moura

João Martinho Moura (

João Martinho Moura (, an Interactive Media Artist and Researcher born in Portugal. His interests are focused in intelligent interfaces, digital art, digital music and computational aesthetics. João has a special interest in body driven digital artifacts.

Generative Art

Entails the notion that an idea is implemented as a process, by means of a generative system that will cause multiple results
[Galanter, 2006; Jaschko, 2005; Levin, 2005; Soddu, 2002; Todd, and Latham, 1992; Ward, 2005]

a strategy used in artistic practice, the medium where the artist conceptualizes and describes an autonomous and automated system based on rules that may produce art
[Watz, 2001]

PEARLS (2011) by João Martinho Moura

TR-LINES (2011) by João Martinho Moura

BOIDS (2011) by João Martinho Moura

I’ve never seen work like João Martinho Moura’s. He visualises HTML5 code to create digital art. Many of the works are interactive, and allow the user to design new art each time.

Some of his projects are collaborative and used techniques such as:


Audiences can often feel alienated by overtly polemical race related work. Visualising my research findings in some way could prevent this, and also produce interesting concepts in relation to identity. This is a process worth exploring further.


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