The Power Question?

I am questioning how much power should be relinquished from artist/author to the audience in terms of their contribution. The last project which I worked on collaboratively was criticised precisely for this, claiming we hadn’t released enough power to the audience:

I understand that certain audiences expect this level of participation so will need to treat this carefully in my work. We tried in the Convergent Media project to crowd source information and media as we went through research and production. This was quite successful however problematic, in that we fundamentally had control over what went into the work.

I suppose I do not want my message to be lost in some way, especially since it is based upon a theme I feel so passionately about. Perhaps there is some way to subvert my ideas into a project that does enable this participation. An idea that immediately comes to mind is creating an online profile and seeing how much racial abuse I could attract. It would be an interesting experiment, less controlled, however my concern that racism still exists would possibly be proved.



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