The Ongoing Question?

I have been struggling on deciding what format the project should take. It has been frequently mentioned to me that I could produce a web-site, or set up a platform for future use. Though I can see why this could be a good idea, it personally isn’t for me as I have tried such ideas in the past in the form internet forums, and school based text/phone services.

I would feel much more comfortable, and feel that I could do myself and the subject matter justice by creating a project aimed at being a reference tool. Though this would suggest the project wouldn’t be ongoing, certain elements could be adapted to enable continued engagement be that through comments and feedback. I also question whether ongoing engagement with project would be simply that people keep revisiting the site as a reference tool.

I was concerned that a project that appeared somewhat complete, would in fact become historicised. However, this may not be negative as it could increase its value as reference to a particular period.


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