The Cycle Question?

Ironically, I have had this conversation loads of times; racism appears to be cyclical in nature. It keeps on reappearing in society. Just when it appears to have put to rest, something happens to remind us that race related issues are still very much ‘of the moment’.

When it comes to producing projects related to society, I find it cruelly coincidental that my work can be re-contextualised by subsequent events reported in the media, particularly where race is concerned. Right now it is racism in football, which seems as if it should be archaic considering the games present make up. However supposed change is only that, as we are constantly given reason to believe that we have again completed a revolution that has taken us back to the issue of racism in society.

It is with this that I am most concerned with; I am more concerned with racism as an ornament in British culture more than I am concerned with the issue of race itself. Race only becomes an issue in light of racism, and it is through the spectacles of racism that I should look at racial identity politics.


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