The Audience Question?

My work is heading towards being an online project, so then the question of audience is important. The internet provides a global audience in the sense that those with access and intrest in a particular site can visit it. So my audience couldn’t be global/everyone in that sense even if I wanted it to be.

My audience may change depending on the main themes that I deal with. I am not sure from where to start, the audience or the idea? I had originally pitched that I wanted my project to be aimed at my peers, specifically Londoners in their late teens/early 20’s. However I really don’t like work that is aimed at me and find it condescending so take issue in doing the same in that respect.

I think it best to deal with a target market on one level as I understand that concept in a commercial product sense, and think separately about audiences more conceptually and in-line with my theoretical debates.

I also wonder how an interactive art page, or online research project can gather an audience? Perhaps through multi-platform and promotion through blogs, or like some of the work I have seen, a combined exhibition. Again, bringing audiences to a site will depend on that audience, determining the techniques used to pull attention.


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