Research and Pre-Production

  1. Group: Joshua Hastings (individual)
  2. Working Title: ‘Feel Me?’
  3. Initial Summary:

How can I make you understand how I feel? I want to share my experience of racism, and explore my own ideas of identity politics. Building upon the Convergent Media module in Year 2, through a combination of media, I want to design an interactive experience that documents my experiences. I am yet to identify the exact form of the project, but aim to produce a contemporary art piece which is unassumingly political for an audience that potentially disregard my thoughts and experiences as overly sensitive, paranoid and out of touch. Choosing an online format means wider audiences, thus more potential for communication of my ideas, and also audiences already familiarised with the online experience. The website must also enable audience participation, and I want to explore suitable ways to provide this, be it user-generated content or whatever else.




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